"Julias designs are always popular, she always manages to come up with something original, mixing her unique style with her eye for best selling designs"


"Beautifully detailed paintings by Julia Rigby, are often humorous, quirky and colourful, making for a great puzzling experience. We’ve been working with Julia for over 7 years now, and many of her paintings used for our wooden jigsaw puzzles have proven to be very popular indeed"

Bothy Threads

"I love Julia’s art work because it is always bright and cheerful. I am always delighted by the way her simple lines make the pieces quirky and characterful. Her bold colour palette add to the feeling of fun and joy she expresses"


"What a perfect way to end a busy week ...pottering in your shed creating art with a lovely group of people. Thank you for making it happen"

"Thank you so much for S's Summer Art classes, they were amazing, S had a great couple of days and you all produced some stunning work"

"The Mothers' Day picture was such a lovely idea. I'm in the process of framing mine for my bedroom wall!"

"E loved her session with you and has been talking about it all week. Thank you for making it so lovely for her. She'll get so many benefits from doing her art"

"O and T would love to carry on with you after Christmas - O says it is her favourite Saturday class ever!"

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